II. Videos

Video #1 - 2011 Reunion video - vimeo.com/25270984  (1 hr, 26 min).
  • This 86-minutes long video was recorded mostly at the 6/11/2011 reunion.
  •  It contains 55 classmates  (plus 3 more recorded  at the July 2011 picnic) for a total of 58 classmates, plus 3 teachers.
  • It also contains scenes from the Saturday night party.
  • Page C2 'Who's In The 2011 Reunion Video' shows the names of who's in the video.

Video #2:  http://vimeo.com/173428506 .
  • This video consists of short 1-minute “interviews” with 2 faculty and 17 classmates. 
    (The previous Video #1 made in 2011, contained interviews with 3 teachers and 58 classmates.  This Video #2 is a continuation of Video #1.)
    NOTE: The last 20 minutes of this Video #2, show the same still photos that are in the Picasa album.
Other Videos
Video Notes
  • Note 1: The Vimeo videos may take a few minute to start playing.  When the video page opens, click the triangular "play" button once (so it changes from the arrow symbol ">" to the pause symbol "||").   Then just wait a few minutes for it to start playing.
  • Note 2: This video won't play if you're using a too-ancient version of Flash Player.  You can use Adobe's Flash Player Help page to find out if your version is new enough.