74: 4/18/11 Updates From Pat Koch Fullmer

On Apr 18, 2011, at 12:03 PM, Patricia Fullmer wrote:

1 -   Thank you to everyone who has sent their RSVP'S to Johanna already.   This is a reminder to do so if you haven't.   Like Walt's persistent emails urging you to send your bio's and pictures I will personally email, call, etc. to talk to you again if we don't hear from you.  I do understand that some of you are unable to come.  I do understand that for medical reasons some of you may not know until the very last minute if you will be able to come.  I have a need to do my very best to try and urge as many as I can to participate in at least part of the weekend. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO HEAR FROM ME AGAIN PLEASE SEND IN YOUR RESPONSE.  (The threat seems to be working for Walt!!!!) It is not too late to reply!

2 -  Scrapbook
Karen Davenport Saiers has asked me again to remind everyone "for our classmates to email me pictures for the scrapbook.  I'm looking for maybe 3-5 per person - not their life for the past 40+ years.  Something like a photo of them and their spouse, with children and grandchildren, on vacation, etc. would be great. "  It was also brought to my attention that in the reunion packet that you received I said that "Karen Davenport Saiers is fixing up the scrapbook. Any old pictures of the class, classmates, parties, plays, etc. scan and send to her" PinevilleNana@gmail.com -   Guilty, sorry I confused you.   You must realize that there are several components to the yearbook.  While we want to build up the "class"  part Karen is also endeavoring to make it unique with  our personal pictorial stories too.  SO PLEASE SEND KAREN ANY PHOTOS - REMEMBRANCES OF THE CLASS AND YOUR OWN FAMILY PICTURES 

3 -  Due to increased interest in this reunion - it should be phenomenal! - we have a slight problem.  While Walt initially agreed to purchase and barbecue chicken for everyone he is CONCERNED. Short of buying broasted or rotisserie chicken  (not like fresh BBQ'ed!!!!!) WALT NEEDS HELP.

All of you who have kindly offered your HELP with the reunion now is your chance.  We will need additional grills and chicken chefs.  So if you have the grill, the vehicle to get it to Barb's, and that desire to grill for the masses please email me back and I'll coordinate with Walt.  Thank you!!!!

4 -  Those of you on facebook  or who are going to get on facebook must be somebody's friend before you can access the loyalsock facebook group.  My page is under Patricia Koch Fullmer.  If you send me a friend's request I will acknowledge it and then be able to add you to the class group. While it is not something I personally can keep up with I have appreciated the venue for communicating with so many of you.

5 -  Those of you who are not in the loyalsock1966 yahoo chat group I admit to you that I personally feel it more private than facebook.  I have used both of these to communicate as I am doing now.  If you have no desire to do facebook then consider the yahoo chat group of which Jim Ingram is the moderator (administrator, whatever it is).  All he needs is your OK to add your email.  The homepage for the yahoo group is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Loyalsock1966.    You can read more on the loyalsock1966.com website also.

6 -  Johanna, Pam and I worked hard trying to get the current information on all of you.  It needed to be verified before we wanted to email (what a blessing!) or mail (what an expense if we had to do it for everyone!).  I know it wouldn't be the first thing on my mind if I changed phone #'s, email providers, home addresses,  remarried, etc.  HOWEVER, AFTER YOU'RE SETTLED IN, PLEASE, PLEASE CONTACT YAHOO, FACEBOOK, ELAINE (THE KEEPER OF THE MASTER CLASS LIST) TO UPDATE YOUR INFO.  We have a great, nearly complete list and it would be WONDERFUL if it would stay that way.

7 -  I'm Walt for the moment - please email your bio and current picture for participating in the class album.  It can only be as successful as you make it by taking part.  Thank you.

8 -  The finish line is drawing near, not too long till June 10th.  I am so excited to see everyone and guessing by the conversations I've had with most of you that you are too.  If you have any final questions please email patful@verizon.net or call 570-374-7901.  I've already started my reunion catching up with so many of you.  Thank you.

9 -  One final effort to find or verify a few people.  One of you may have the key to finding them. 
        Glenn Bell
        Jim Boyle - mail sent, not returned, not verified
        Agnes Cable
        Jane Chestnut Hartsock Fogel - mail sent, not returned, not verified
        Allen Harpster
        Bonnie Lytle Cline - mail sent, not returned, not verified   - I still think someone should knock on her door!!! 526 N                                      Washington  St. Montoursville.  If I lived there I would!!!!!!
        Jill Rosevear Sowich - mail returned
        John Stovall
That's it!!!!   So few from when we first started thanks to all of your help.

I know this is a LONG email.  Johanna, Pam and I are so happy to see everyone's work come together! So read, and grin and bear it!!!!